Ultimate love star Rosie celebrates her son’s birthday today

Ultimate love star Rosie celebrates her son's birthday today

Rosemary Afuwape fondly called Rosie, Co-Winner of Ultimate love season 1 with Kachi who were paired to form Roksie celebrates her son’s birthday today thursday 17 september.

Celebrating her son to today, she writes a beautiful note to him.

It reads:

A letter to you darling from mummy:

Words fail me to say how grateful I am to God for giving you to me. I cannot forget when I heard your name Jeremy Jedidah (beloved of God and Exalted of the Lord). Through your life, God’s name will be exalted. I remember when you were declared dead and I told the doctor No, he is alive, I remember going through labour for two days, yet you were laying breach and mummy was tired and you were also tired, they had to take you out at 8months, Yes 8months, yet you lived and survived and didn’t need life support to stay alive or an incubator to keep you, because the hand of God has always kept you right from the beginning. You are a miracle in my life, a child of Promise. I love you so much @jeremyafuwape and I pray and speak forth life and every good and perfect gift from God to be fulfilled in your life. I love you so much, but God loves you more.

Happy birthday darling  God bless you 



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