The Future of Degree in Law in 2021

All you need to know about the future of Degree in Law in 2021!

Besides understanding and defining the changing dynamics of technological and financial environments, in today’s increasingly complex world, there is a crucial need for understanding legal environment as well. Thus, law has become a very popular career choice in any country today and certainly one of the most respected profession with a wide range of career possibilities. Still, some people are skeptical about this course. But that’s not true.

If you spend some more time in researching about the prospects of LLB student, you will come to know that this degree is not just restricted to be an advocate in a court or corporate firms. Its more than that. After a successful completion of this degree, you have a plethora of opportunities to teach in colleges, work with NGOs, and work as a journal for newspapers and television channels.

Are you planning to pursue degree in law in one of the laws schools in Uganda but stepping back wondering about the future? Then, this blog is worth the read! Just go through it and know in what ways pursuing LLB degree will help you build your career in near future and explore some other alternative legal careers.

1. You will acquire skills, not just knowledge!

Being an LLB student, you will be getting an opportunity to develop your skills of oral advocacy where you will be giving legal advice and support to real people and address their issues. Such skills would prepare you not only for being a lawyer but would also help you to get different career options in policy-related fields, such as government, international organizations, the voluntary sector and business.

2. You will have power to make a difference through law!

Being a law graduate you will have more power to improve the defects in the system with all your strong sense of justice. This degree also offers you the legal education, and qualification to ultimately bring that significant change you have always wanted to bring.

3. Law degree will help you grasp a different vocabulary!

Besides giving you an opportunity to think differently, this degree offers you a distinctive vocabulary. You will get to learn the usage of new language from your teachers that will help you advise your clients in layman language. The same goes for writing about law. Writing lengthy and unnecessarily complex documents might make you feel good as a lawyer but would be of little use to clients as contracts or other documents drafted in verbose language can create enormous confusions. So, acquiring skills that are comprehensible to clients take time and need exposure to a wide range of speakers and writers for which a three-year law degree is a must

4. Degree in law will help you develop your self-confidence!

Apart from offering you a great scope in future, this degree will help you nurture good self-esteem and develop your self-confidence if you work in groups and actively participate in debates or discussions.

5. Prospects of pursuing degree in law!

Have you ever wondered what is the thing that Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? Interestingly, they are world leaders who studied law – one of the oldest academic fields in the world that promises great career opportunities to students than ever before. The legal profession has undergone many substantial changes in the past decade.

But wait! Being an LLB student if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be a lawyer, then, there’s no reason to panic. Gone are the days when studying LLB was only restricted to litigation and filing cases in the court. Nowadays, there are myriad opportunities both in state and central government. You can mark your presence in the fields of defense, tax and labor departments too. Not only in corporate firms, law agencies, administrative sectors but you can also work as an attorney general, a judge, and a public prosecutor as well. Studying LLB would also reward you with good communication skills, an excellent memory, a flexibility of mind, authoritative skills, logical reasoning and an ability to think out-of-the-box. Though this degree gives you an interesting profession with attractive salary and wide scope, yet it requires a good amount of hard work with no shortcuts.

To become a successful lawyer, you must have good oratory skills and a strong command of language. Being a student in an environment of changing times, you must be aware of the employability rules of today. You need to understand that pursuing degree in law from top colleges and getting good grades has nothing to do with your success; it’s all about having a set of job-related skills, that the legal profession will confer you with. Thus, choosing the right law school for pursuing LLB degree matters!

There are many universities to help you get the degree you want. But only a few universities can inculcate the required skills in you and boom your career in the true sense. And one of them is “The Cavendish University in Uganda.” CUU being one of the top law schools in Uganda has been building careers of many across the globe since 2008 and is known for the student-centric model they follow to transform students into responsible, educated, and employable candidates. They also believe in providing accessible, high quality, research-driven education to students through an active, innovative, participatory, and practical mode of learning. Are you ready to commit yourself to concrete actions and have a promising career? Then, click here to apply!

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