Moment Nengi threw a bottle at Kidwaya

In the bigbrother lockdown house while the housemates were laying on their beds resting, nengi is seen playfully throwing a bottle at Kidwaya but it seems kidwaya didn’t go down well with it.


Following the empty bottle nengi threw at Kidwaya, he told Ozo that if Nengi was a boy, he would have broke his nose that why would she repeatedly throw a bottle at him that she cannot try it outside the big brother house.


He further told Ozo to make sure Nengi avoids him.


Conversation between kidwaya and ozo:

Kidd: If that was a boy, i would have fucking broke his nose. I’m telling her, I’m not happy.

Ozo: Kidd, but it’s been you both since day 1 

Kidd: But E don reach. Why throwing the bottle at me how many times. Will she try that outside the house?!
Make sure she avoids me . 


See video below:

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