Missing 13-year-old girl found in Ogun


Missing 13-year-old girl found in Ogun

Missing thirteen years old girl has been found in Matogun, Oke-Suna in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State. An indigene of Ondo State was found at Matogun/Oke-Aro Road at about 7.30 pm having missed her way during an outing with a neighbour.

It was gathered that some good Samaritans found the teenager crying along the road and interrogated her but detailed information could not be extracted and she was taken to the traditional leader of the area, the Baske Egan Oke-Suna, Matogun Community Chief Samsideen Adidas Adebayo who took custody since Monday.

In a telephone conversation, the Baale said the teenage girl was brought to his compound at about 8 pm of Monday and has instructed his aides to spread the information around the area but as at 7 am of Tuesday, nobody has approached the Community to.claim the girl.

He said the Matogun Community Development Committee (CDC) has been contacted over the matter but hopefully, she may be handed over to the government soon.

The Balogun Oke-Suna, Matogun, Chief Wasiu Bibi-Ire coronorated the Baale saying the girl will be handed over to the government.

In a telephone conversation, the girl said she arrived Lagos from Ondo State about two days ago, unfortunately, she missed her way on Monday having gone to purchase an item with a neighbour.

She said,” My mother was late and I was staying with my grandmother in Ondo State but my father a commercial motorcyclist popularly called ‘Okada’ rider visited Ondo State and requested to take me to Lagos.

“On Monday, I was asked to follow a neighbour to purchase an item but I lost contact with the person and sympathisers took me to Baske’s house where I passed the night,” The JSS1 student of Imperial Secondary School, Ondo State said she was well taken care of by the Baale.

In a related development, a two-year-old baby boy was found in Oshodi area of Lagos late evening of Monday. Eyewitnesses account said the baby was taken to the sacked Makinde Police Station but was rejected for presumed fear of the unknown. At press time, the baby was with a Samaritan who was also apprehensive.

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