Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Mesothelioma is a deadly disease that over a period of many decades has affected hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Primarily induced by exposure to certain environmental hazards, the disease can affect its victims over an exceptionally long period of time, which hampers both diagnosis and treatment.

The victims of mesothelioma and their families may be eligible for compensation, but a successful lawsuit will almost certainly require the involvement of a personal injury attorney. It is this type of representation that is provided by the law firm of Zinda Law Group.

The Mesothelioma lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C., in Houston accept cases throughout Texas and all of the United States.

Our experienced, dedicated attorneys are dedicated to helping you and your family seek the compensation you deserve for your disease.

How is Mesothelioma Caused?

Malignant mesothelioma is asbestos-related cancer that is difficult to accurately diagnose and is unresponsive to many therapies. It occurs in the pleura, or lining of the lung, and, in very rare cases, in other areas of the body as well.

While malignant mesothelioma remains an uncommon cancer, its documented three-fold increase in males between 1970 and 1984 can be traced to environmental and occupational exposure.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Early Detection of Mesothelioma is Key

Early symptoms of mesothelioma can be very non-specific and are often ignored. Most people with this type of cancer have definitive symptoms only two or three months before the cancer is found. Unfortunately, by then it is often advanced.

These symptoms can also have other origins. But if you have worked with asbestos and have any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately. Our personal injury attorneys at Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.L.P. believe anyone who has developed mesothelioma subsequent to asbestos exposure should have their case evaluated.

Types of Mesothelioma

Thousands of Americans used products in the workplace containing asbestos during their careers without being told that even casual contact with the substance can result in serious diseases. One of the worst work injuries,

Mesothelioma is a life-threatening cancer that attacks the lining of your abdomen and the lining that surrounds each of your internal organs. Caused by exposure to asbestos, the disease takes several forms:

. Pleural mesothelioma, cancer of the linings around the lungs
. Peritoneal mesothelioma, cancer of the abdomen lining
. Pericardial mesothelioma, cancer of the lining around the heart

The most common type of this disease is pleural mesothelioma. The resulting tumor has a severe impact on your ability to breathe, and it can spread to organs around the lungs, causing additional complications.

Peritoneal mesothelioma is less common but more aggressive. Its tumor spreads to other internal organs, including the pancreas and stomach. Because of its ability to affect so many other parts of your body, life expectancy is short.

Pericardial mesothelioma is the type that is most rare. It occurs when fluid accumulates inside the sac that surrounds the heart. The excessive liquid disrupts the heart’s rhythm, causing chest pain and breathing disorders.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Texas Mesothelioma Trial Lawyers

The asbestos cancer attorneys of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C., is dedicated to helping those who suffer from mesothelioma and their loved ones seek compensation. We believe that the more you know about the causes and remedies for your disease, the more likely you will be to take action.

However, most of the industries using asbestos prior to 1989 are still allowed to use it, under strict government regulation. The industries that continue to expose workers to asbestos include:

Asbestos mining







Building demolition

Cement product manufacturing

Consumer garden products (vermiculite)

Construction product manufacturing (roof shingles, piping, insulation, ceiling and floor tiles)

Automotive product manufacturing (brake parts)

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