Instagram is bullying me so bad -BBnaija star Ifu Ennada cries out

Instagram is bullying me so bad -BBnaija star Ifu Ennada cries out
Ex bbnaija housemate Ifu Ennada has narrated her ordeal using social media platform instagram, she complained her account was forcefully switched back to business account after she was sent a mail to switch but she didn’t.
She revealed she refused to switch back to business account because of her ugly experience.
Read her full complain below, she wrote:


@Instagram has cut my reach by almost 100% because I’ve refused to leave Personal Account and switch to Business or Creator Account.

I was formerly on Business Account, but when I realised they were seriously restricting my reach I switched to personal account. Everything was well till @instagram started sending me emails asking me to switch back to Business acct or move to Creator Account.

I refused because I knew the ugly experience I had with a Business Account. I’d also tried Creator Acct and it was worse so I chose to stay on Personal Account.

About 2wks ago I got on my Instagram page and noticed they had forcefully moved me to Business Account without my permission. I tried to switch back, but all attempts proved abortive. The next day I managed to switch back…

To cut the long story short, I’m making this post just to let concerned people know what’s going on. It’s so bad that sometimes I get only 100 post reach in 1hr.

This makes some people think I bought my followers. Lol. I don’t even know the first thing about buying followers. Even my verification was organic.

I’m sick and tired of @Instagram , the bullying doesn’t encourage me to post or create contents. I’ve deactivated and refreshed my accounts so many times to combat this, but it gets even worse.

Just wanted to put this out here because of the countless people who DM me to ask why I don’t post or to say they don’t see my post even when I have just recently posted



In a later post she made, she asked her followers to help like her post if they could see it as she’s trying to beat instagram restriction on her page.

Pls If You Can See This Post Help Me Like It. I’m Trying To Beat @INSTAGRAM Restriction On My Page/Reach.


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