If we don’t see SARS completely abolished we’ll be back to the street -FALZ(video)

If we don't see SARS completely abolished we'll be back to the street -FALZ(video)

Nigerian rapper Falz has made a video saying he was impressed about the turn up for the ENDSARS protest headed by him on and runtown on thursday, october 8 in Lagos state.

He said they left a message for the Lagos state police command that they need SARS completely abolished if not, the will hit the street again on tuesday for another protest.

He said we don’t need SARS anymore and we are not asking for a reform or a press conference to tell us they’ve put restrictions to what they SARS official can do now, we want SARS completely abolished.


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Today was crazy and it was mad inspiring so many people came out and i was just happy and  inspiring to see many people come out.

And it made me know it’s about time, It’s about time we take the struggle beyond social media, it’s about time to take our complains beyond social media

We need to get out there and let our intention known, we need to go out there and protest

We do not want SARS anymore, we are not asking for a reform, we don’t need a press conference to tell us they’re not allow to do this, they’re allowed to do this.

This has happened many times, this has happened many times, we need SARS completely abolished, we went to the Lagos state police command today and we left a message for the IG, fire the AIG that if we don’t see sars completely abolished, were back on the street, tuesday we’re back on the street.

He wrote on IG:

Our message is clear. Today was very peaceful & the authorities know what to do in order to keep the peace. BIG LOVE to everyone that came out today! It was really inspiring seeing so many celebrities & young people join the movement. It is important we stay together. No going back, no backing out. #ENDSARS#ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY



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