If not for big brother I wouldn’t have met Kidwaya – Erica during EricaXOvation interview session

If not for big brother I wouldn’t have met Kidwaya – Erica during EricaXOvation interview session

If not for big brother I wouldn't have met Kidwaya - Erica during EricaXOvation interview session

Disqualified season 5 big brother housemate Erica Nlewedim has honoured her invitation to be interviewed by the CEO of Ovation magazine, Dele Momodu. The interview was tagged #EricaXOvation and broadcasted on Dele Momodu’s Instagram live page.

In the interview session held on sunday 20 september, Erica talked about her journey before, during and after the big brother reality show.

Erica revealed she’s 26 years old, an actress, an only child, born in lagos, attended 4 primary schools, she attended command and VGS secondary school, attended convent university and graduated at age 19. She started living on her own during NYSC.

She said she has never seen herself as someone who could survive in the big brother house because she’s so emotional, that she thinks people will vote her out once they see her cry but was very excited to be in the bigbrothers house.

She said kidwaya was her best friends in the house, and his personalities and hers goes, nothing is forced.

She revealed that she’s a very loyal person and whenever she takes a person as her friend, no one can disrespect them around me, she she gets carried away, that’s she’s loyal to a fault.

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Erica revealed she was hiding at the saturday night part with Kidwaya and other evicted and past big brother naija housemates.

She revealed that her biggest lesson from the big brother reality show, was just to take control over her emotions and not let it get the best of her, she has also learnt not be too trusting, she learnt that its good sometimes to use your head more that your heart, stop being too emotional, to be comfortable with herself not to look to anybody for her happiness. She’s grateful for the opportunity to have discovered all these about herself.

Her greatest regret is acting out of emotion but she’s working on herself, that she’s is in a better place now, she’s growing.

She said, Big Brother shouldn’t be scrapped because with big brother you get to meet people that you would never meet in your life, like she met Kidwaya. and she thinks kidwaya is one of the amazing people in this world, very smart and has a good heart and if not for big brother she wouldn’t have met him. she continued by saying, Big Brother is a place where you meet people and then get to learn about yourself.

She said, Kidwaya always said he wasn’t there for the money, he was there for the relationships, to make good contacts.

She said her goals before the show was that she needed people to see her and know about her because she can do everything it takes to be a big star, a lasting star. All she needed was just for people to know that she exist and she knew they would love her and actually see that she’s is good at what she do, she thinks she has gotten it and she’s excited.

She said she dealt with her lowest moment by praying about it alwaying herself to just feel bad so she can snap of it sooner, she got help by speaking to the necessary person, it’s still a process but shes thinks she’s doing well right now.

She revealed she unwind by listening to music and surround herself with friends.

Dele Momodu’s said he has a dream in life that her wedding will be an ovation wedding, they’ve planned italian, france, Erica quickly responded that she is all about her career now and not ready to settle down yet, she’s a carrier lady.

She wants to make a mark in the entertainment industry, she wants to be the most awarded actress.

She didn’t fail to shout out out to all elites, promising them she wouldn’t let them down.



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