DPO gives policemen uniform and guns to go get their salaries -coach Peeshaun

DPO gives policemen uniform and guns to go get their salaries -coach Peeshaun

A relationship coach Peeshaun has revealed that when he was stopped by a policeman some time, and they started conversing, the policeman said that their DPO gave them uniform and guns to go look for their salaries, they should never expect salaries, that’s why there are police checkpoints here and there.

In a post he made on instagram, Peeshaun said what the IGP did was copy and paste, just like it was mentioned in section 2 of the statement released, that all men serving under SARS will be put in other police units, making it look as if they’ll put them in a place they’ll be monitored but they don’t have funds for that because they’ve embelleze all the money allocated to them.

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He said all they did was just to calm down SARS and they’ll be back when the heat is off.

He continued, the problem we have is the stolen money and bad government.

He said we’ve just achieved step one and shouldn’t relax.


He wrote on Instagram:

DPO gave policemen uniform and guns to go get their salaries

A police man once chatted with me on Lagos/Ibadan expressway and told me things were really hard for him and his colleagues

He said THEY DO NOT GET SALARIES, that they are expected to use their guns and uniforms to go hunt and feed themselves

That’s why in some cases you see some policemen nearly begging you to give them something for the weekend.






His post:

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