“Before you complain, remember that God didn’t give me bumbum to cover it” -Actress Moyo Lawal


Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal still celebrating her birthday, shared a seductive photo revealing her thick thigh and hint of her bum display then left a disclaimer for intending critics.


Moyo who is very fast to shun her critics, captioned her post:


“If I hear piim..  before you complain remember that God didn’t give me bumbum to cover it oooh ..  So excited about this New Year… (I don’t know why oooh) …. ….. No new year resolutions but  I might, just chase Clout and actually do bad things for once in my life….. ( then maybe go out ( let me not jinx it biko) ..then maybe try to please the crowd Naaa …… #Rebel for life baybee .. Thank you so much everyone for giving me such an amazing birthday .  So much love (I felt it right here ) .”


"God didn?t give me bum to cover it" Moyo Lawal says as she shows off her thigh and bum


More photos from her birthday shoot:

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