Any rubbish you post on my page, you are cursing yourself -actress Anita Joseph(video)

Any rubbish you post on my page, you are cursing yourself -actress Anita Joseph(video)

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph is ready for anyone who comes to her page to criticize her, her marriage or her husband.

She has made a video addressing it she said, any rubbish you post on her page, you are cursing yourself, you are bringing curses upon yourself and generation.

She said if you see two people happy, be happy with them, it’s prolongs your life, and happiness will automatically locate you, it’s contagious.

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She made reference of a critic who said her and her husband’s love is too hot, she responded it will still be hot till they get old, saying she doesn’t wish people bad so why do you wish her evil. she said the evil you wish people will come back to you.

She said if she open her mouth to curse you, you wouldn’t survive, be mindful of the things you post on her page.

She also mentioned another critic who said she has a rough face, she said her face is even prettier without makeup and brings her money because of loads of adverts she gets and does. Her husband quickly said it’s the rough face he likes.

She said her her relationship is powerful, it’s spiritual it comes from God.


She also wrote on Ig:

  • “I’m Mother Hen Video Credit is by Father Hen @realmcfish
    Leave my page oh because I will post more Videos and pictures..
    Maka your mental health is my concern
    If you don’t like me I don’t understand why you’re still on my page ..
    Watching me why why why eh
    stop monitoring me o will Burn you with Holy Ghost fire ohh
    My page is for happy people with good Vibes Only”



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