Actor Yul Edochie having fun moment with daughter(video)

Actor Yul Edochie having fun moment with daughter(video)

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie is having a priceless moment with his beautiful daughter while they stroll to his car.

His daughter said Yul is laugher is at her and would need her dad’s car in order to forgive him.

The loving dad promised to get her a better one.

Daughter: You are laughing at me

Yul: But I don’t know, look at me I’m having a straight face, am I laughing!!

Daughter: In your mind, you are laughing

Yul: In your mind, you are laughing. is this how to laugh, look at my face (keeps a straight face)

Daughter: You can be laughing on the inside.

Yul: So I’m laughing like this.. Oya, sorry.. eh I won’t laugh again

Daughter: I don’t forgive you

Yul: what will I do for you to forgive me

Daughter: Give me this car

Yul: I should give you the car, I’ll give you a better one, don’t worry.


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Fun moment with my Princess, Star Girl @danielleyuledochie


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