ABU students return the N2.5m they found by the roadside

ABU students return the N2.5m they found by the roadside

Ahmed Usman Busa and Ahmed Suleimain, both 300-Level Social Studies Education students of the Federal College of Education, Kotongora, affiliated to ABU, have returned a missing N2.5million they found by the roadside.

The money, which was misplaced by Mallam Muhammad Kudu Ibrahim, a Senior Lecturer at the institution, belongs to the Thrift Association Mall, where he is the chairman.

The students were heading out of the campus when they spotted a leather bag and on getting close, they realised that there was money in it. They proceeded straight to the school’s security office where they dropped their phone numbers, should anybody come to complain. .

The following day, there was a call for them to report at the security post. On getting there, Mr Ibrahim was awaiting their arrival. The lecturer said he had already lost hope of seeing the money again. He praised the students for their rare display of virtue.

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